Saturday, June 30, 2012


Boulder scientist oversees instrument on board Mars rover

Daily Camera - 
"Radiation is one of the top five problems we need to understand in order to send humans to Mars or out into deep space," said Hassler, of the Southwest ...

Bas Lansdorp wants to establish a Mars outpost by 2023

Next Big Future - 
Tweet One of the main difficulties with any manned Mars mission that aims to ...But the Mars One mission does not require any technological breakthroughs - it

  1. Would you go to Mars if you could never return? - 
    June 27, 2012, 1:37 PM — ITN News has a video news report discussing theMars One program, in which a private company wants to send people to establish a ...
  2. Mars One: Big Brother in space

    ITN - 
    A Dutch-led firm is looking to become the first to put humans on the surface of Mars - in history's biggest reality TV show.

    Mars Reality Show Could Fund Manned Colony by 2023

    Big Think (blog) - 
    The Dutch company Mars One is planning to establish a manned colony on the Red Planet, beginning with a population of four astronauts, by 2023. To cope ...

    Will $6 billion Mars reality show establish Dutch colony on Red ... - 
    Mars One ambassador and Nobel laureate Gerard 't Hooft said, "This project seems to be the only way to fulfill humanity's dream to explore outer space.

    New reality show to be based on Mars, $6 billion cost to establish ...

    TweakTown - 
    The plans for a reality show is grandiose, with the project dubbed 'Mars One', and will drop four astronauts on Mars in April 2023, with none of them ever ...

    Mars One: A human colony on Mars and a reality show to boot

    Los Angeles Times - 
    Mars One is not only a plan to send four astronauts (one of them could be you!) on a one-way trip to Mars -- but it's also a plan for a money-making, ...

    Want to move to Mars in 2023? Venture aims to make it so -
    The project, called Mars One, plans to drop four astronauts on Mars in April 2023. New members of the nascent colony will arrive every two years after that, and ..

    Permanent Human Settlement on Mars?

    The International - 
    The Dutch private company Mars One, founded by entrepreneur Bas Landorp, has released a plan that, if executed, will create a permanent human settlement ...

    Reality Show on Mars Could Fund Manned Colony by 2023 - 
    The Dutch company Mars One aims to land humans on Mars by 2023, as the first step in establishing a long-term Mars colony.
    We need to go to the Moon, Mars, and Beyond.

    Go Mars ONE go

    Before there was the "Oracle of Delphi" there was Count Vampire J. Machiavelli
    VJ Machiavelli
    Power to the People Who VOTE

Saturday, June 23, 2012

LOOK MA: Roger "SOCKS" Stone Will March in 2012 NYC Gay Pride Parade.

Join UsTomorrow!
We're here. We're Republican. Get used to it!

March in the 2012 NYC Gay Pride Parade
Log Cabin Republicans &Roger Stone

Notorious conservative legend Roger Stone
will be marching with Log Cabin Republicans of NYC
in Sunday's Gay Pride Parade -- and you're invited to join us!

Conservative political LEGEND Roger Stone
will be marching with Log Cabin Republicans on Sunday!


 But . . . do you know "Stone's Rules"?

 Roger Stone has had a knack over the years of saying what needs to be said
and driving the liberal left nuts while doing it! Abide by these rules and you'll be just fine:

"Unless you can fake sincerity, you'll get nowhere in this business."
"Politics with me isn't theater. It's performance art. Sometimes, for its own sake."
"Don't order fish at a steakhouse."
"White shirt + tan face = confidence."
"Hit it from every angle. Open multiple fronts on your enemy.
He must be confused, and feel besieged on every side."
"Always praise 'em before you hit 'em."
"Be bold. The more you tell, the more you sell."
"Admit nothing, deny everything, launch counterattack."
"Look good = feel good."
"Always keep the advantage."
"Never complain, never explain."
"Lay low, play dumb, keep moving."
"Always mount your protest or picket sign on a good solid piece of wood.
Comes in handy as a bat if some union goons wanna scuffle."

What more can one say but Join Roger "SOCKS" Stone and make "HISTORY" it should be a "BLAST"

I plan to join him and be part of a "once in a lifetime Event" 

It should be a BLAST

Before there was the "Oracle of Delphi" there was Count Vampire J. Machiavelli
VJ Machiavelli
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Friday, June 22, 2012


TPM - 1
At least four people who worked on the 2010 campaign of Rep. Michael Grimm (R-NY) have been questioned by the FBI, according to news reports. - 
The FBI's ongoing investigation into illegal fundraising for Staten Island Congressman Michael Grimm's 2010 campaign has led agents to question of at least ...

New York Daily News - 
The FBI has questioned at least four people who worked on Congressman Michael Grimm's 2010 campaign as part of its on-going probe into allegations the Tea .

Politicker - 
From conversations in and around Congressman Michael Grimm's orbit, The Politicker has learned the FBI has been speaking to at least one individual about ...

New York Daily News (blog) - Jun 14, 2012
Congressman Michael Grimm spent twice as much on legal fees as he collected in campaign contributions this period, according to the latest financial reports.

Looks like there are many "FEDBERGS" in the waters off Staten Island.

Can the GrimmGateTanic sail the seas without hitting on of them ?

Stay Tuned

Before there was the "Oracle of Delphi" there was Count Vampire J. Machiavelli
VJ Machiavelli
Power to the People Who VOTE


Next Big Future - 
one third to one half of the overall world population and they would have ... I see the impact of Sky Cities and Broad Factory mass produced skyscrapers like the

Times of India - 
They also built a six-story demo pavilion in only one day. Broad is confident that their concept can be applied to Sky City One. They've already built a 30-story ...

Seattle Post Intelligencer - 
It plans to claim the title with the 2749-foot Sky City One tower in its hometown of Changsha, the capital of Hunan provice. In a written summary, Broad said it ...

Investor's Business Daily - 
The Sky City One skyscraper is set to have 220 floors and be 2750 feet tall, 33 feet taller than Burj Khalifa. To meet the deadline, nearly 95% of the $628 mil ...

Discovery News - 
Prefabricated building techniques could raise the Sky City One in a fraction of the ... Touted as the triumphant "Sky City One," the 2750-foot tower will dethrone ...

ZME Science (blog) - 
Sky City building isn't that fragile as one would imagine, either. It will have 15-centimeter thick exterior walls and use one-fifth of the energy a regular building ...

EarthSky - 
The secret to building the world's tallest building in only 90 days, at much less cost of its nearest rival building? Prefabrication.

Next Big Future - 
China's Broad Group is building the Sky City One using factory mass production. ... Sky City will boast 220 floors, 1 million square meters (11 million square feet) ... (blog) - 
NEW YORK DESIGN WEEK 2012All the best work in one place! ... The Sky City building, located in Chinese provincial capital Changsha, will top out at 838 ...

DesignBuild Source - 
The proposed building, labeled Sky City One, is being heralded as a '200 storey energy and material efficient, earthquake resistance building – a car free city for ...


If this works will NYC be "NEXT" ?

Before there was the "Oracle of Delphi" there was Count Vampire J. Machiavelli
VJ Machiavelli
Power to the People Who VOTE 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Newt,Tom Sachs,NASA, and Mars One all agree on going to MARS

Capital New York -

1:11 pm Jun. 15, 2012
"We're going to Mars. In fact, we'll be there on Saturday."
In the course of several hours of an afternoon spent at the Park Avenue Armory earlier this week, there was no other point at which the artist Tom Sachsseemed quite so dead serious.

At one point he recited the Mentat Prayer (from Dune) by heart. He spent some time rhapsodizing about his handmade cinderblock (his favorite recent piece). He showed off his very first architecture project, "a real classic American shed made out of two-by-fours" (that also happens to be a Japanese Tea House, among other things). And he launched into an intense oration about the connection between French brutalist architect Le Corbusier, McDonald's founder Ray Kroc, and skateboard legend Mark Gonzales.

No, it was at the moment when Sachs was explaining how he and his sizable, young, attractive crew of assistants would launch through the stratosphere, land on Mars, explore the planet and travel home, all this Saturday in the confines of his Park Avenue Armory exhibition, that I could see there wasn't an ounce of irony, put-on, or arty pranksterism there.

The exhibition, titledSpace Program: Mars, will reach its zenith onSaturday with an all-day program (that could well go into Sunday) utilizing every single object in the show, which sprawls throughout the Armory and includes dozens of pieces ranging from full-size replicas of actual NASA vehicles to a series of workstations, miniatures, and riffs on the narrative of space exploration that Sachs has spent close to a decade developing.

It's the most fun show in New York City this summer, and that owes a great deal to Sachs' seriousness about the project and its narrative. After spending much of his early career playing with brand names (hisChanel Guillotine (Breakfast Nook) is perhaps the apotheosis of that line) in a way that was more funny than fun, Sachs had a realization.

"I wondered, What's the ultimate brand. And I thought, NASA represents our destiny in the stars and ... the mutation of man growing wings using his super-powerful mind."


Newt, Tom Sachs, NASA, and MARS ONE all have the same GOAL

Going to the Moon, Mars, and beyond.

I was at the event on Saturday and it was amazing to watch and be a part of.

Will SNL live make fun of Tom Sachs because he to share the same goal ?

Will Romney the Luddite admit he was "WRONG" to say he would "Fire" Newt ?

To bad Newt was not there he would have loved it.

Also to bad Romney the Luddite was not there to see and understand the need to go to the Moon, Mars, and Beyond.

Before there was the "Oracle of Delphi" there was Count Vampire J. Machiavelli

VJ Machiavelli

Power to the People who "VOTE"

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Newt said colonize the Moon and Romney the Luddite said "YOUR ARE FIRED "  the Media and SNL made him out to be a "Fool" or laughing stock.
Welcome to MARS ONE and the 21st Century

Home - Mars One

Mars One will establish the first human settlement on Mars in 2023. Mars Oneinvites you to join us in this next giant leap for mankind!

The Pleasures of Suffering for Science

Wall Street Journal -

Last week, a private Dutch company, Mars One, announced that it hopes to send a four-person crew to Mars by 2023. To keep costs down, it will be a one-way ...

Mars-Based Reality Show: How Stupid Could it Be?

Huffington Post - 

Facts notwithstanding, Mars One claims it intends to land its first team of colonists on Mars in 2023. If you're out of the loop, that's 10 years before NASA hopes to ...

Mars One Introduction” Video Goes Viral (Video)

Long Island Press - 

In 11 years, the first group of four humans will land on Mars to begin living there. Well, that's the plan at least. Mars One will establish human.

Colony on Mars set for 2023; company seeking four for trip - 

Mars One has plans to set up a colony on the Red Planet by 2023. Look out NASA and SpaceX. In just four years from now, the private Dutch company wants to ...

Dutch Startup Hopes To Fund Mars Mission With Reality TV Show

Slate Magazine (blog) - 

The Dutch startup Mars One is counting on reality television to fund a highly ... That's right—the Mars One colonists should expect to remain there for the rest of ...

Mars One wants to turn colonisation of the red planet into TV show - 

A Dutch company called Mars One aims to turn a mission to Mars into a reality TV show, with several teams of astronauts competing for a one-way trip to the Red ...

Dutch startup plans to colonize Mars by 2023 - 2 days ago

The company will seek astronauts in 2013 who will make a one-way trip to Mars, and may become the stars of the first interplanetary reality TV show.

Introducing Mars One, the reality television program that will ...

io9 - 

The MarsOne Project wants to send astronauts on a one-way trip to Mars, and they want to do it by 2023. How do they plan to pull it off? Simple: by creating "the ...