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NYC's John Liu, One of Beijing's Top USA Agents, Continues...

The New American -


New York City Comptroller John Liu’s multiplying political misfortunes may prove to be a serendipitous blessing for America. According to reports from various New York media outlets — most of which, until recently, were singing his praises — additional arrests and indictments of Liu’s donors and campaign staff may be coming soon. As reported previously in The New American (seeherehere, and here ), Liu (left) has suffered a series of stinging blows, with his top campaign financiers being arrested for funneling illegal cash into Liu’s coffers through fraudulent “straw donors.”
Liu, a Democrat and the first Asian-American to win major elective office in New York, was once the golden boy of Manhattan politics. But he is quickly becoming a political pariah, his hopes for becoming mayor of one of the planet’s most important cities now growing less likely with each passing day — and each new scandal.

NY1 Exclusive: Fundraising Investigation Does Not Deter ...

NY1 - 
A growing campaign finance scandal has some questioning City Comptroller John Liu's likely run for mayor in 2013, but in an exclusive sit-down interview on ...

Loyal Liusers hang tough

New York Post - 
... apparently been unable to flip either of two defendants charged with funneling illegal campaign contributions to embattled city ComptrollerJohn Liu.

John Liu fund-raiser pledges to fight charges

New York Daily News - 
A fund-raiser for John Liu was in federal court Tuesday vowing to fight charges he funneled illegal contributions to the city controller's mayoral campaign ...

Are the "FEDS" after bigger fish than John Liu and his campaign operation 

Before there was the "Oracle of Delphi" there was Count Vampire J. Machiavelli
VJ Machiavelli
Power to the People Who VOTE

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John Liu, liar

New York Post -
When The Post uncovered e-mails revealing that Liu has been paying his political guru with campaign cash to help run his city office, Liu just swore he had 

Liu speaker invites dry up after $candal

New York Post -
By CARL CAMPANILE Embattled Comptroller John Liu — once one of the city's most sought-after political speakers — has been taken off the guest lists of many ...

John Liu And Campaign: Too Close For Comfort?

New York Daily News (blog) - 
BY Celeste Katz Embattled City Controller John Liu has insisted he wasn't involved with his campaign's daily operations, but an email exchange shows he was ...

NYC comptroller top campaign aide in plea talks over fraud

Thomson Reuters News & Insight - 
NEW YORK, March 29 (Reuters) - New York City Comptroller John Liu's top mayoral campaign aide, who was charged with fraud for violating contribution limits, ...

Busted campaign aide looking to cut a deal

New York Post - 
By BRUCE GOLDING Embattled city Comptroller John Liu'scampaign treasurer is trying to cut a deal with the feds over charges she steered illegal ...

Liu Campaign Treasurer in Talks on Possible Plea, US Says

Bloomberg - 
Lawyers for Jia “Jenny” Hou, the campaign treasurer for New York City Comptroller John C. Liu who was charged last month with fraud and obstruction, ...

Aide pulling strings

New York Post - 
By JOSH MARGOLIN Comptroller John Liu has turned to his top political adviser, Chung Seto, for more than just campaign advice — he has actually let her run ...

Just keeping you updated on the latest in LiuGate

I am sure April is going to be a busy month for the "FEDS"

Before there was the "Oracle of Delphi" there was Count Vampire J. Machiavelli
VJ Machiavelli
Power to the People Who VOTE


April fools day and the NY Times must be reading my comments and posts they have a story calledA Quantum Theory of Mitt Romney and very good read and lets not forget Russia 2045 and check out Pentagon's Project "Avatar.
The goal is to Live for Ever and why not build a Human Brain Yes this is the future and we need a President who talks about Big Ideas and the Future and that person is NEWT
Romney and Santorum are LUDDITES and they campaign on the issues of the "PAST" we need to talk about the Future and the how we will deal with the coming of the Singularity, and yes there is even a Singularity Institute
So I say Newt is the one who can lead us in the Brave New World that is coming 
Go Newt Go
Before there was the "Oracle of Delphi" there was Count Vampire J. Machiavelli

VJ Machiavelli
Power to the People who "VOTE"

Published: March 31, 2012
THE recent remark by Mitt Romney’s senior adviser Eric Fehrnstrom that upon clinching the Republican nomination Mr. Romney could change his political views “like an Etch A Sketch” has already become notorious. The comment seemed all too apt, an apparent admission by a campaign insider of two widely held suspicions about Mitt Romney: that he is a) utterly devoid of any ideological convictions and b) filled with aluminum powder.

A bit of context. Before Mitt Romney, those seeking the presidency operated under the laws of so-called classical politics, laws still followed by traditional campaigners like Newt 
Gingrich. Under these Newtonian principles, a candidate’s position on an issue tends to stay at rest until an outside force — the Tea Party, say, or a six-figure credit line at Tiffany — compels him to alter his stance, at a speed commensurate with the size of the force (usually large) and in inverse proportion to the depth of his beliefs (invariably negligible). This alteration, framed as a positive by the candidate, then provokes an equal but opposite reaction among his rivals.

Russia 2045

Feb 20, 2012 ... Report of the Founder of the Strategic social movement "Russia 2045" Dmitry Itskov at the Singularity Summit 2011 on October 15th in New ...

Positive Futurist - Russia 2045 conference: experts discuss bold ...

Russia 2045 conference: experts discuss bold vision for human future ... FutureCongress 2045" 3-day get-together in Moscow achieve their vision, human lives ... -

More Commentary on Russia 2045

1 day ago ... An article by Ben Goertzel over at h+ Magazine discusses the Russia 2045 initiative, a program I've noted on a couple of occasions.


Pentagon's Project 'Avatar': Same as the Movie, but With ... - Wired

Feb 16, 2012 ... Soldiers practically inhabiting the mechanical bodies of androids, who will take the humans' place on the battlefield. Or sophisticated tech that ...


DARPA Director Regina Dugan Leaving to Work at Google

DailyTech - Mar 13, 2012

One of the more sensational sounding projects at DARPA announced recently was the use of robotic surrogates with the project dubbedAvatar.

The Virtual Military

ISN - Mar 20, 2012

In February the Pentagon also approved a $7 million dollar projectentitled “Avatar” that aims to develop interfaces and algorithms that will enable a ...

How to Live Forever

Invention & Technology News - Mar 7, 2012

The Pentagon, with its Avatar project, hopes to build entire surrogates, just like Itskov, but has no further ambitions. The latter steps are enormous leaps ...

Building a Human Brain

Smithsonian (blog) - Mar 9, 2012

Phase one of his project, which he calls Avatar, would involve controlling robots with human brains. That's not so far-fetched. DARPA, the Pentagon research ...

Singularity Institute

Nonprofit organization devoted to creating, discussing and coordinating singularity-related efforts, and publish introductory material and research papers on the ...

Singularity Hub | The Future Is Here Today…Robotics, Genetics, AI ...

 Up to date information about the daily advances mankind is making in stem cells, genetics, biology, artificial intelligence, aging, robotics and ... -

The singularity is coming: 3 chips that meld man and machine

GigaOM - 

... research and test new drug compounds, but in the future might become something out of Ray Kurzweil's The Singularity, the melding of man and