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What an odd couple Ron Paul and Peter Thiel are.

PayPal founder Peter Thiel throws $2.6 million at Ron Paul Super .

Houston Chronicle (blog) - 

Peter Thiel, founder of PayPal, donated $2.6 million to Endorse Liberty, a Ron Paul Super PAC. (Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images) In two months,Peter Thiel...

PayPal Founder Peter Thiel Loves Ron Paul

NBC Bay Area - 

By Sajid Farooq PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel is a big Ron Paul fan and his has spent over $2 million promoting his campaign. Peter Thiel saw something in 

Ron Paul Reels In His Own Donor Whale, Peter Thiel

Sunshine State News (blog) - Feb 20, 2012

He's got billionaire PayPal co-founder and early Facebook investor Peter Thiel shoring up his underdog GOP campaign. According to campaign finance documents ...

Why Is a Savvy Investor Like Peter Thiel Investing Millions in Ron ...

Slate Magazine - Feb 20, 2012

This news cycle was sputtering out when Peter Thiel, the billionaire founder of PayPal, the $2.6 million-angel for a Ron Paul Super PAC, arrived at the ...

Billionaire Donates Millions to Ron Paul

Daily Beast - Feb 20, 2012

He probably didn't use PayPal to do it, but billionaire Peter Thiel gave Ron Paul quite a bit of money in the month of January.

Paul Super-PAC Gets $2.4 Million in January With Thiel Help

BusinessWeek - Feb 20, 2012

... Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, raised $2.4 million last month, with most of it coming from investor and PayPal Inc. co-founderPeter Thiel.

Ron Paul wants to be the next President, and Peter Thiel wants you to live forever or at least  to 150
Business Insider - Feb 9, 2012

Venture capitalist and billionaire Peter Thiel is financing medical research that would possibly extend the human lifespan to 150 years or more

Could babies born today live to 150?

CBS News - Feb 9, 2012

Venture capitalist Peter Thiel, a PayPal co-founder, is among the handful of billionaires financing the effort. He considers death a problem - one that can ...

Peter is a 21 Century guy who likes big bold ideas same as Newt, yet he is supporting the anti-big Idea Ron Paul

Is returning to the moon really such a crackpot idea? - Feb 9, 2012

Even Silicon Valley kingpin Peter Thiel has complained about the avenues invention has taken. “I don't consider this to be a technological breakthrough,” he ...

PayPal Founder Talks Technology

Harvard Crimson - Feb 7, 2012

By Ethan G. Loewi, CRIMSON STAFF WRITER Peter Thiel speaks at the IOP Monday night. The Q&A let Thiel speak about a variety of things including his thoughts ...

Floating Cities Could Be A Reality Within Decades (VIDEO)

Huffington Post - Feb 6, 2012

The idea is especially appealing among libertarians, including PayPal Founder Peter Thiel, who has donated millions to the project.

Billionaire Peter Thiel Is Worried About America's Future

Newsweek - Feb 12, 2012

Venture capitalist Peter Thiel has made a fortune as an investor. Why is he so worried about the future? Damn. Peter Thiel is smarter than I am.


What is behind this odd couple of Ron and Peter ?

Before there was the "Oracle of Delphi" there was Count Vampire J. Machiavelli
VJ Machiavelli
Power to the People Who VOTE


Time's really up, John

New York Post - 

The feds yesterday arrested City Comptroller John Liu’s campaign treasurer, Jia “Jenny” Hou, alleging that she’s been funneling illegal donations into Liu’s campaign accounts while conspiring to mask the contributions using phantom “straw donors.”

Hou faces up to 60 years in prison. So the comptroller, who insists that he’s pure as the driven snow, has to be wondering today what she knew, when she knew it — and whether she’ll be willing to cut a deal to soften the potential hard time.
The indictment relates to fund-raising that took place in 2011 — presumably in anticipation of Liu’s once-all-but-certain mayoral run.

That’s much less certain now that the feds say Hou instructed volunteers to falsify signatures on donor forms, offered to reimburse a friend $500 for a campaign donation and taught workers how to hide the evidence of what she’d done.

Why the skullduggery?

Every donation, legal or not, could net Liu’s campaign up to $1,050 in public matching funds — which means, if the feds are right, that his staff was actively engaged in defrauding taxpayers of substantial sums.

And, in Liu’s own words, Hou has been right in the middle of it: “Jenny is the heart of the ’13 [mayoral] campaign,” he said last year — which, in turn, seems to mean that conspiracy, wire fraud and obstruction of justice are part and parcel of John Liu’s life.

Obviously, Hou’s arrest — and that of a top campaign donor last year — must lay to rest his mayoral ambitions.

More immediately, they mean that whatever moral claim he has remaining on the office he now holds has expired.

Though Liu himself isn’t named in the federal complaint, it’s simply not credible that he was unaware of Hou’s activities.
Read more: 


Jenny Hou, Comptroller John Liu's Campaign Treasurer Arraigned

Comptroller John Liu's 2013 mayoral campaign suffered another blow on Tuesday. Campaign treasurer Jia “Jenny” Hou was arraigned today.

Liu campaign staffer arrested on illegal fund-raising charges

TimesLedger - 
By Joe Anuta A campaign staffer for city Comptroller John Liu was arrested Tuesday afternoon, making her the second person associated with Liu's mayoral ...

UPDATE 1-New York comptroller aide charged with fraud

Chicago Tribune - 
(Adds comments) NEW YORK, Feb 28 (Reuters) - A top campaign aide for Comptroller John Liu, New York City's financial overseer, on Tuesday was charged with ...

Liu "Stunned" By Fraud Charges Against His Campaign Treasurer

NY1 - 
In a serious blow to City Comptroller John Liu's 2013 campaign effort, authorities on Tuesday announced the arrest of one of his top campaign aides on fraud ...

Liu Aide Charged in Funds Scheme

Wall Street Journal - 
By MICHAEL HOWARD SAUL Federal authorities charged New York City Comptroller John Liu's campaign treasurer with fraud on Tuesday and accused her of impeding ...

NYC comptroller's campaign treasurer arrested; comptroller ...

Washington Post - 
NEW YORK — New York City Comptroller John Liu — a Democrat who had been widely viewed as a potential successor to Mayor Michael Bloomberg — said he plans to ...

Fishy Accounting in Comptroller's Campaign

Courthouse News Service - 
By BARBARA LEONARD MANHATTAN (CN) - A campaign treasurer for New York City comptroller John Liu used straw donors to funnel illegal contributions and ...

NYC comptroller's treasurer charged with fraud

Albany Times Union - 
NEW YORK — The campaign treasurer for New York City Comptroller John Liu was arrested on fraud charges Tuesday in a continuing probe of fundraising efforts ...

Liu's treasurer is arrested, underscoring the need to follow the money

Capital New York - 
By Azi Paybarah The arrest of John Liu's 25-year-old campaign treasurer, Jenny Hou, is the latest setback for the embattled comptroller, who is struggling ...

John Liu's campaign fund-raiser nabbed for using straw donors to ...

New York Daily News - 
Embattled New York City Controller John Liu, shown earlier this year, has seen a second member of his political circle busted amid an ongoing federal probe ...

John Liu 'Stunned' By Arrest of His Campaign Treasurer

Politicker - 
By Hunter Walker 2/28 4:10pm Comptroller and potential mayoral candidateJohn Liu released a statement this afternoon expressing his surprise at the arrest ...

John Liu May Have Known Of Sketchy Donations

New York Daily News (blog) - 
BY Celeste Katz Embattled mayoral hopeful John Liu may have known some of the contributions being funneled into his campaign were fishy, court records ...

Feds Arrest Liu's Mayoral Campaign Treasurer For Fraud

Gothamist - 
City Comptroller John Liu's mayoral campaign was rocked by the arrest of campaign treasurer today. The NY Times reports, "The treasurer, Jia Hou, .

John Liu Can Only Plead Ignorance for So Long

New York Magazine (blog) - 
So it's possible John Liu knew nothing about alleged violations of fund-raising law during his successful 2009 run for city comptroller.

Comptroller Liu's campaign treasurer arrested

Crain's New York Business - 
Jia Hou charged with fraud and obstruction of justice for allegedly funneling money from “straw” donors to John Liu's political campaign funds.

Meet John Liu's Arrested Treasurer, Jenny Hou

Politicker - 
By Hunter Walker 2/28 1:58pm Jenny Hou with John Liu greeting supporters in the background at a 2009 event in Flushing. (Photo: Facebook) Jia “Jenny” Hou, ...

As we always say follow the money and it seems the "FEDS" are doing it.

So who's NEXT ?

Before there was the "Oracle of Delphi" there was Count Vampire J. Machiavelli
VJ Machiavelli
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Sunday, February 26, 2012


The three part's are made up of the GOP Establishment, their allies Republicans in Checkbook Only (RICO's) and Ron Paul.

It sole goal is to destroy Santorum, Newt., and win the nomination for Romney.

Then unleash it upon the Delegates at Tampa since no one will have the Required Majority going into the Convention.

But at the Convention Bellerophon riding Pegasus will slay Chimera and therefore defeat Romney, the GOP Establishment, Republicans in Checkbook Only, and Ron Paul.

Yes this is a little crazy but something to ponder

Before there was the "Oracle of Delphi" there was Count Vampire J. Machiavelli

VJ Machiavelli
Power to the People who "VOTE"


Staten Island Rep. Michael Grimm, before he entered Congress, sought leniency for New York-based developer Thomas Kontogiannis

Staten Island  Rep. Michael Grimm urged a federal judge to spare a New York-based developer with three bribery-related convictions from serving a day in prison, the Daily News has learned.
Grimm sought leniency for Thomas Kontogiannis in 2008, before Grimm entered Congress as a Republican and after he had left a career as an FBI agent. Kontogiannis then faced sentencing on his third conviction — for helping funnel $1 million in bribe money to former Rep. Randy (Duke) Cunningham (R-Calif).
In a three-page letter, Grimm asked California Federal Judge Lawrence Burns to “be as lenient as the law will allow and your conscience accepts, granting him a noncustodial sentence.” Burns sentenced Kontogiannis to eight years.
Asked for comment, Grimm said in a written statement that he he was barred from discussing specifics of FBI activities.
“I can say unequivocally that I performed all such duties — including interactions with witnesses, cooperators and informants — in full conformance with FBI and (Justice Department) policies and applicable law,” he wrote. “The reality is that undercover officers and agents, as I was, have to work with criminals and deal with bad people regularly in the course of effectively investigating and ultimately enforcing the law.”


Michael Grimm Urged Leniency For Fraudster

New York Daily News (blog) - 
Michael Grimm urged a federal judge to spare a New York-based developer with three bribery-related convictions from serving a day in prison, the Daily News ...

Anthony Weiner Thought Michael Grimm's Donations Were Shady In 2010

Gothamist - 
“Weiner heard that one of Pinto's top lieutenants knew Grimm,” the source with knowledge of McMahon's campaign said. “It was how Grimm was able to get that ...

Staten Island GOP committee backs Congressman Grimm - 
Michael Grimm has been endorsed by the Staten Island GOP executive committee. In a story in the New York Times, Grimm was accused of taking illegal campaign ..



Before there was the "Oracle of Delphi" there was Count Vampire J. Machiavelli
VJ Machiavelli
Power to the People Who VOTE

Friday, February 24, 2012


Ron Paul Is Behaving Rationally

First Things (blog) - 

Is it an alliance because Romney is a secret paleolibertarian, or is it a secret bargain so that Romney would make Ron or Rand Paul the VP nominee? Please.

Rush: I Predicted a Romney-Paul Tag Team - 

Rand Paul, for the vice-presidential slot if the former Massachusetts govenor became the GOP presidential nominee. Limbaugh said that, in debate after ...

Why the Romney-Paul alliance makes sense

Daily Caller - 

Some are even speculating that Ron Paul is brokering a deal for his son, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul. John Hayward at Human Events reports: A Romney-Paul ...

Rush Limbaugh: Ron Paul is in collusion with Mitt Romney

The State Column - 

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), Mr. Paul's son, did not reject the idea of serving as Mr. Romney's running mate. “I don't know if I can answer that question, ...

Signs of a Ron Paul/Mitt Romney Alliance?

KUT News - 

In possibly related news, Ron Paul's son Sen. Rand Paul told reporters today “it would be an honor to be considered” himself.

Santorum: What have Paul and Romney got going together?

Human Events - 1

There has been speculation that Ron Paul's son, Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, might be on the vice presidential short list. Rand Paul recently said “it ...

Rand Paul: 'It Would Be an Honor to Be Considered' As Romney's Veep

Fox News (blog) - 

Ron Paul has never really attacked Mitt Romney, yet he has frequently attacked more conservative candidates at just the moment they were beginning to pose a ...

Rand Paul:'It would be an honor' to serve as Mitt Romney's VP

The State Column - 

Rand Paul, a Kentucky Republican, told reporters in Kentucky after a speech Wednesday that he would be honored to serve as Republican presidential candidate ...

So I guess we now know what the "DEAL IS" Rand Paul as VP
Lets face it to united all fractions of the Republican Party Rand Paul is the natural choice ?
In order to "WIN" we need everyone on board and with Rand Paul that may be the answer.
The delegates will make the final choice in Tampa and it will be a contested convention.
No one will have the "Required Majority"  and all kinds of wheeling and dealing will take place at the speed of 4G
THe Media and anyone who has 3G will be left behind, so all you 3Gers better get 4G so you are not left behind like the "MEDIA"
Even Roger "SOCKS" Stone agrees with VJ MAchiavelli 
Could the GOP be facing a deadlock in Tampa? Is it possible no one will have the votes on the first ballot to be nominated? Could the party turn ...
Before there was the "Oracle of Delphi" there was Count Vampire J. Machiavelli

VJ Machiavelli
Power to the People who "VOTE"

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Money the Milk of Politics and Newt has a "FAT" Cow that gives.

The Milk Spot I think we shall discuss, yours truly, the " go Newt go money man and sugar daddy Sheldon 

Does  Adelson really "like" Romney. as some in the press say ?

By saving Newt you help Romney as  TIME thinks ?

Well I don't by it 

But then again you really never know with the RICH, 

Just take a look at  Harold Simmons he is the only the person who has given MORE money to Super Pac's than Adelson!!! Yes to a grand total of over 11 MILLION.  

Money is the milk of politics and Newt has a Cow that gives and so do others.

Before there was the "Oracle of Delphi" there was Count Vampire J. Machiavelli
VJ Machiavelli
Power to the People Who VOTE

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Questions for and About Congressman Grimm