Saturday, October 29, 2011


First casino comes to New York City

Financial Times - Anjli Raval -
Resorts World, New York City's first casino, ... now known as “racinos”, at least $1bn in extra tax revenues could be generated. ...

NYC welcomes first 'racino' at Queens racetrack

Wall Street Journal -
The enterprise, like other racinos at tracks across New York, aims to provide millions of dollars a year in revenue to the cash-strapped state and its ...

NYC gets its first 'racino' with video slots

San Antonio Express - Michael Gormley - Wayne Parry - 
Aqueduct is the first racino in New York City, with the next closest facility at Yonkers Raceway, north of the city. Others are at harness racing tracks in ...

The casino uses non humans as a way to get around a NY State law so they can offer "Las Vegas" style gaming tables.

The following are quotes from my friend Marie which say it all about the Aqueduct Racino

"Non human gaming tables????  How awful.  The fun was in the interaction between the table handlers, you and your fellow players, especially when the excitement would begin to mount.  This is such a sterile environment it makes dull sound exciting.  This setup REALLY makes you feel like a money cow.  I know we always were but now they've left no doubt."

They also have taken the "MONEY" and "Fun" of winning at the slots here is another quote
 "I hate the "Paper Chits" they use now and miss the sound of all the coins spilling into the bin and the bells going off and the lights flashing. It was exciting.  Now it's like, "OK sucker, we got your money.  Go on to the next thing."   Why do they always have to destroy the good and the fun?"
I went on opening day and told my friend about the Racino and how "Dull" it was with out the Human Touch and those were her thoughts on the matter.

So how we have the "GAMES" but no "HUMANS" now a quote from my friend Mike.

A real casino has table games and poker dealt by live people no if ands or buts.  Vegas Baby!"
The owners and NY State should make a bundle, but the "Fun" is gone and those who go are just losing money to "MACHINES" and many can least afford it.

The vast majority I saw on opening day were Minorities and not the "Manhattan" or "Tourest" crowed.
Before there was the "Oracle at Delphi" there was Count Vampire J. Machiavelli
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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Company on City's Payroll Project Fires Three

New York Times - 
By AP The technology company that was in charge of New York City's scandal-plagued CityTime payroll project has fired three senior managers and hired a law firm to review its ethics and practices, a letter from the company's chief executive released on ...

SAIC removes three executives in fraud probe

Washington Post - Marjorie Censer - 
McLean-based Science Applications International said it has removed three of its top executives and begun an internal review following a fraud investigation into work the company did for New York City. The work involved a contract to manage an ...

SAIC fires 3 execs in wake of CityTime scandal

Washington Business Journal - Jill R. Aitoro - 
Calling the actions of its own employees “criminal” and an “affront to everything SAIC stands for as a company,” CEO Walt Havenstein sent a memo to all employees of the McLean-based contractor that detailed actions taken in response to a fraud and ...

CityTime scandal causes shakeup at SAIC

New York Post - Josh Margolin - 
The CityTime payroll scandal has caused a major management shakeup at the company hired by the city to install what became a fraud-ridden boondoggle. "The kind of behavior we have seen in CityTime is criminal and is an affront to ...

CityTime Scandal Causes Shakeup at Company Hired by NYC

NBC New York - 
The multibillion-dollar technology giant that was in charge of New York City's scandal-plagued CityTime payroll project has fired three senior managers and hired a law firm to review its ethics and practices. A representative for SAIC Inc. says the ...
It is nice to see them close the barn door but who is going to pay back all the money ?

I say let "The Prisoner of City Hall" pay back what ever is not recovered.

He was not watching and this is only one of many.

Before there was the "Oracle at Delphi" there was Count Vampire J. Machiavelli
VJ Machiavelli
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Monday, October 24, 2011


In Brooklyn Spotlight, Mixing Clout and Charity

When one of the biggest real estate developments in Brooklyn was stalled two years ago, its owner turned to the city government for help, seeking $20 million in financing. Nearly 50 projects were applying for a small number of aid packages at the time, but this one, City Point, had a prominent supporter.

“The future of Downtown Brooklyn depends on it,” Marty Markowitz, the Brooklyn borough president, declared.
City Point received the financing, and around the same time, the lead developer on the project, Acadia Realty, gave $50,000 to a charity run by Mr. Markowitz. The donation was one of a series that Acadia has made to Mr. Markowitz’s charities since 2005, totaling more than $300,000, city records and interviews show.
New York City has adopted some of the strictest rules in the nation to curb the influence of money in politics. Donors with business before it are all but barred from contributing to officials in the city’s campaign finance system.
Yet in recent years, Mr. Markowitz has found another way to tap into those donors. He has established a network of four charities that has reaped at least $20 million since 2003, and probably more, according to interviews and an analysis of city records.
That amount — remarkable for any local politician, let alone one who does not hold citywide office — is a testament to Mr. Markowitz’s stature as a Brooklyn power broker and to his intense focus on building these nonprofit groups. They have in turn played an important role in burnishing his public profile.
When the charities hold public events, Mr. Markowitz, who has been borough president since 2002, is typically in the spotlight. His free summer concerts, during which he is master of ceremonies, offer a chance to “Party With Marty,” as the slogan goes.
The donors to the nonprofit groups range from huge corporations like Wal-Mart and TD Bank to local entrepreneurs, but they usually have one thing in common: They have a stake in city legislation, real estate projects, zoning disputes and other Brooklyn issues.
Mr. Markowitz has often personally cajoled wealthy executives to give tens of thousands of dollars at a time to his nonprofit groups. Some recalled that he was relentless, seemingly unable to take no for an answer.
Score another one for the NY Times, first it was LiuGate and now we have BrooklynGate aka Marty Markowitz.
This should be an interesting "GATE" to follow 
Before there was the "Oracle at Delphi" there was Count Vampire J. Machiavelli
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Sunday, October 23, 2011


One Liu-Liu of a campaign-finance probe due

Last Updated:11:59 PM, October 22, 2011
Posted:11:59 PM, October 22, 2011
There’s more trouble ahead for Comptroller John Liu at the Campaign Finance Board.
The board has already begun scrutinizing $1.5 million raised by Liu for the 2013 mayoral race, in reaction to a report that some contributors listed in the comptroller’s filings denied making the contributions attributed to them.
Now the board is postponing an audit of Liu’s race for comptroller in 2009 that was due out in a couple of months, so it can examine that year’s contributions as well



John Liu and His Campaign Books

New York Times - ‎Oct 16, 2011‎
Comptroller John Liu is New York City's top financial officer. He oversees the city's $66 billion budget and its $120 billion pension fund. That makes it all the more troubling when there are questions about numerous irregularities in his own ...

How will John Liu answer questions about his campaign finances, and will ...

Capital New York - Azi Paybarah - ‎Oct 17, 2011‎
How will John Liu answer questions raised about his campaign's finances? He's gone on WNYC and NY1 to refute the overall notion that there's anything systematically wrong with the way he collects and accounts for contributions, ...

John Liu's mystery money

New York Post - ‎Oct 17, 2011‎
The graveyards of Chicago famously came out to vote for John Kennedy -- and it now appears that apparitions from Queens have been financing John Liu's run for the mayoralty. As The New York Times reported last week, dozens of “people listed as having ...

ohn Liu's belated damage control

Crain's New York Business - Jeremy SmerdShane Dixon Kavanaugh - ‎Oct 16, 2011‎
The city comptroller said he'd had no reason to suspect his campaign had taken money from straw donors. By Jeremy Smerd @smerd and Shane Dixon Kavanaugh @shanedkavanaugh After a New York Times story last week cast doubt on the legitimacy of many $800 ...

NYC comptroller to review questioned donations

Wall Street Journal - ‎Oct 13, 2011‎
AP NEW YORK — New York City Comptroller John Liu says he'll conduct an internal review of his campaign donations following allegations of irregularities. The New York Times on Wednesday raised questions about the source of his campaign donations. ...

Donations to Liu Questioned

Wall Street Journal - Michael Howard Saul - ‎Oct 12, 2011‎
New York City Comptroller John Liu, a potential 2013 mayoral candidate, said Wednesday he plans to launch an investigation into allegations of dozens of irregularities in his campaign finance disclosure reports. ...

Questioned on Donations, Comptroller Vows Review

New York Times - David W. ChenRaymond Hernandez - ‎Oct 12, 2011‎
Confronted by damaging questions about the source of his campaign donations, John C. Liu, the New York City comptroller, said Wednesday that he would conduct an internal review of his donations but defended the ...

Doubts Raised on Donations to Comptroller

New York Times - Raymond HernandezDavid W. Chen - ‎Oct 11, 2011‎
John C. Liu, the city comptroller, at a party in September. Mr. Liu has not been complying with some campaign finance laws. By RAYMOND HERNANDEZ and DAVID W. CHEN John C. Liu, the New York City comptroller, has vaulted into the top tier of political ...

Liu questioned on fundraising tactics

Queens Chronicle - ‎Oct 13, 2011‎
City Comptroller John Liu of Flushing has promised to return any questionable money raised through his fundraising efforts after an in-depth story on his campaign finance reports was published Wednesday. In a late-afternoon phone conversation on ...

Report Finds Mysteries in John Liu Campaign Finance Filings

NBC New York - ‎Oct 12, 2011‎
The New York Times reported Wednesday that John Liu, who is considered a top-tier contender for mayor in 2013, has numerous inconsistencies in his campaign finance reports, including questions about whether some donors even exist. ...

NYC Comptroller John Liu To Review Campaign Donations

CBS New York - ‎Oct 13, 2011‎
NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — New York City Comptroller John Liu says he'll conduct an internal review of his campaign donations following allegations of irregularities. The New York Times on Wednesday raised questions about the source of his campaign ...

$candal dims Liu's mayoral hopes

New York Post - Sally GoldenbergChuck Bennett - ‎Oct 13, 2011‎
City Comptroller John Liu's mayoral dreams may be dashed over questionable donations from cashiers, waitresses and maids to his $1.5 million campaign fund, political watchers say. “This sort of exposed that Liu is ...

Analysis: The Case of The Phantom Contributors

NBC New York - Gabe Pressman - ‎Oct 12, 2011‎
The mayoral election of 2013 is more than two years away – but the city comptroller, John Liu, is working very hard to raise money for that campaign. And now The New York Times, in a comprehensive article, raises some questions, ...

Another "GATE" to follow just what the Count Needs.

Before there was the "Oracle at Delphi" there was Count Vampire J. Machiavelli
VJ Machiavelli
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Saturday, October 22, 2011


guilty in $1M elex theft

New York Post - Laura Italiano -
'POLL' DANCE: Political consultant John Haggerty enters Manhattan Supreme Court yesterday, where he was convicted of bilking Mayor Bloomberg. ...

Jury Convicts Consultant of Stealing Campaign Money From Bloomberg

New York Times - John Eligon -
John F. Haggerty Jr. leaving a Manhattan courthouse Friday after being found guilty of second-degree grand larceny and second-degree money laundering. ...

Former Bloomberg Aide Awaits Sentencing After Grand Larceny Conviction

NY1 - Grace Rauh -
John Haggerty, a former aide accused of stealing more than a million dollars from Mayor Michael Bloomberg, was found guilty of grand larceny in the second ...

Political Operative Faces Prison Term

Wall Street Journal - Michael Howard Saul -
Associated Press On its third day of deliberations, the jury convicted John Haggerty, a volunteer on the mayor's campaign, on charges of grand larceny in ...

Bloomberg operative guilty of larceny -
On the third day of the trial a Manhattan jury convicted John Haggerty of money laundering and grand larceny in the second degree. ...

Michael Bloomberg Campaign Money Stolen By John Haggerty

ThirdAge - Emily Jacobson -
Michael Bloomberg, New York Mayor, had nearly one million dollars taken from his campaign byJohn Haggerty, a political consultant who was convicted on ...

Haggerty Convicted of Stealing from the Mayor While Jurors Opine ...

WNYC (blog) - Bob Hennelly -
After three days, the jury in the John Haggerty case reached a verdict that gave both sides something to crow about. ...

Ex-Bloomberg Operative Convicted of Stealing from Mayor Bloomberg

NBC New York -
John Haggerty remained expressionless as he was found guilty of second-degree grand larceny and money laundering. He was acquitted of first-degree grand ...

Political operative convicted of stealing from NYC billionaire ...

Washington Post -
John Haggerty remained expressionless, occasionally blinking, as he was found guilty of second-degree grand larceny and money laundering. ...

Judge sets $250K bail for John Haggerty, takes issue with James ...

Capital New York - Azi Paybarah -
A judge ordered John Haggerty held on a quarter of a million dollars bail after prosecutors revealed he owned a "passport card" that could ...

Political Operative Found Guilty Of Stealing $1.1 Million From ...

Gothamist -
The Republican political operative John Haggerty was found guilty of second degree grand larceny and money laundering related to the theft of $1.1 million ...

Former Bloomberg Aide Found Guilty of Larceny

Gotham Gazette (blog) - David King -
John Haggerty, the political consultant charged with stealing millions from Mayor Michael Bloomberg's campaign, was found guilty of grand larceny in the ...

'Volunteer' day: What is the meaning of Haggerty's guilt, and ...

Capital New York - Harry Siegel -
On the wood paneling behind the bench of Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Ronald Zweibel, who has presided over the case of John Haggerty...

There is something missing in all this one could say a "Missing Link"

HaggertyGate could have become a highly paid consultant and enjoyed
the gravy train like all the others including his brother Bart.

The "Missing Link" is why he did not, what was the reason he did not go on the payroll ?

Until we know that we will never understand HaggertyGate.

Before there was the "Oracle at Delphi" there was Count Vampire J. Machiavelli
VJ Machiavelli
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Friday, October 21, 2011


A Jury Wonders, Who's the Victim

Wall Street Journal - Michael Howard Saul -
Prosecutors had repeatedly portrayed John Haggerty, a 2009 Bloomberg campaign volunteer, as a thief accused of grand larceny and money laundering. ...

In Fraud Case, Jury Asks Who Was Victim?

New York Times - John Eligon -
But in the trial of John F. Haggerty Jr., who is accused of defrauding Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg of about $1.1 million, the jury asked a question on ...

Jury in NYC political case asks: Who's the victim?

Atlanta Journal Constitution - Samantha Gross -
The panel must find that Bloomberg was the victim in order to convict John Haggerty of grand larceny. Haggerty is accused of convincing the mayor to finance ...

Jury in trial of political operative appears to consider argument ...

Washington Post -
Defense lawyers say John Haggerty can't be found guilty of stealing from Bloomberg because the mayor had donated the money to the state Independence Party ...

Mayoral campaign cash-swipe jury stalls on job one: Deciding who's ...

New York Post - Laura Italiano -
Former campaign consultant John Haggerty, left, is accused of stealing nearly $1.1M from Mayor Bloomberg's 2009 campaign under the guise of a ballot ...

Jurors in John Haggerty case ask judge who is victim in alleged ...

New York Daily News - Melissa Grace -
Independence Party leaders doled out much of the money to Haggerty, who, prosecutors charge, ...John Haggerty at Manhattan Supreme Court on Wednesday

Jury Unclear On Victim In Trial Of Former Mayoral Consultant

NY1 -
On their second day of deliberations Thursday, jurors asked whether there was a specific victim in the trial of John Haggerty, the political consultant ...


Before there was "The Oracle at Delphi" there was Count Vampire J. Machiavelli

VJ Machiavelli

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Two Competing Theories in Bloomberg Consultant's Trial

New York Times - John Eligon -
Mr. Vacco, speaking in defense of John F. Haggerty Jr., a political consultant accused of stealing $1.1 million from the mayor, told a jury in State Supreme ...

Former Bloomberg Aide's Lawyer Accuses Mayor Of Lying On Stand

NY1 -
John Haggerty, seen above, is charged with grand larceny and money laundering for allegedly stealing more than a million dollars from the mayor's 2009 ...

Case of Republican political consultant goes to New York jury

Reuters - Shannon Stapleton - Ellen Wulfhorst -
John Haggerty, the Republican consultant charged with stealing more than $1 million of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's money during the 2009 ...

Defense: NYC operative gave slipshod budget

CBS News -
In closing arguments, Dennis Vacco said his client John Haggerty was asked to provide the campaign with a loose estimate of costs for a poll-watching ...

John Haggerty's Defense Claims His Action 'Wasn't A Crime'

CBS New York - Irene Cornell -
Polital operative John Haggerty, charged with bilking New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg out of more than $1 million, leaves criminal court in New York, ...

Follow From the Wires

Salon - Samantha Gross -
In closing arguments, Dennis Vacco said his client John Haggerty was asked to provide the campaign with a loose estimate of costs for a poll-watching ...

Defense: NYC operative gave slipshod budget -
Dennis Vacco told jurors Tuesday that defendant John Haggerty was behaving "just like a typical government operative." He says Haggerty merely gave a "loose ...

Consultant slams Bloomberg in closing arguments for $1.1M mayoral ...

New York Post - Laura Italiano -
But a lawyer for defendant John Haggerty -- the campaign consultant accused of tricking Bloomberg into paying $1.1 million for an election day, 2009, ...

Case Against NY Political Consultant Heads to Jury

Campaigns & Elections - Jordan Terrell -
Closing arguments in the trial of political consultant John Haggerty are slated for Tuesday in New York. ...

Summations Begin In Trial Of Former Bloomberg Aide

NY1 -
John Haggerty is charged with grand larceny and money laundering for allegedly stealing more than a ... John Haggerty," said Haggerty's attorney, Dennis Vacco.

Haggerty windup is today

New York Post - Laura Italiano -
Closing arguments are set for today in the blockbuster campaign-cash larceny trial of John Haggerty, the political consultant accused of ...

Lawyers for GOP consultant John Haggerty, on trial for grand ...

New York Daily News - Melissa Grace -
After testimony ended in the four-week grand larceny trial of GOP operative John Haggerty, defense attorneys suggested the mayor lied about how well he knew ...

Was Alleged Thief Part of Bloomberg's Inner Circle?

Wall Street Journal (blog) - Michael Howard Saul -
The image of John Haggerty — the Queens political operative standing trial on charges of grand larceny, money laundering and falsifying business records ...

Defense Witness Saw NY Operative Doing Poll Work

ABC News - Samantha Gross -
The defense witness says John Haggerty was among a handful of people who spent a tense evening with the mayor as results in the close 2009 race came in. ...

Why Bloomberg Needed Haggerty

City Hall - Bruce N. Gyory -
To paraphrase Churchill, the case of what John Haggerty did or didn't do for Mayor Michael Bloomberg's reelection two years ago remains a ...

Carl Paladino: Bloomberg is 'lying' about how well he knows John ...

Capital New York - Azi Paybarah -
... by "lying" about his relationship with John Haggerty, the GOP operative accused of stealing more than $1 million from the mayor's 2009 campaign. ...

Political theft trial nears end

New York Post - Laura Italiano -
John Haggerty is accused of tricking the mayor into believing that Haggerty would spend the loot on a massive Election Day 2009 ballot-security operation. ...

It has been a long and strange trial and a lot of questions have been raised on how
"The Prisoner of City Hall" runs his various "EMPIRES" and the "Hats" that Deputy Mayor Patricia Harris wears.

Before there was the "Oracle at Delphi" there was Count Vampire J. Machiavelli

VJ Machiavelli
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