Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Bloomberg Seeks $600 Million Refund From CityTime Company

New York Times (blog) - David Chen - 
Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg asked on Wednesday that the company that managed the troubled CityTime automated payroll project refund the city $600 million — all the money it has been paid for the project since 2003. ...

Mayor Bloomberg to contractor in CityTime payroll project plagued by fraud ...

New York Daily News - Reuven Blau - 
Mayor Bloomberg wants a full $600 million refund from the main contractor in the scandal-scarred CityTime payroll project. The system for approximately 163000 employees is up and running, but "because the project was apparently tainted ...

Bloomberg Demands $600 Million Payback from CityTime Firm

Wall Street Journal - Michael Howard Saul - 
A little more than a week after a federal prosecutor said virtually every facet of New York City's automated payroll system was tainted by fraud, Mayor Michael Bloomberg demanded on Wednesday that the lead contractor on the ...

NYC--SAIC contractor must repay $600 mln due to probe

Reuters - Joan GrallaJan Paschal - 
NEW YORK, June 29 (Reuters) - New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Wednesday demanded that SAIC Inc reimburse the city for $600 million plus certain costs due to a federal fraud probe of the technology contractor's work for the city. ...

Mayor Bloomberg Demands $600 Million From CityTime Contractor

International Business Times - Myles Miller - 
Seeking to gain some control over the imploding scandal scarred CityTime timekeeping project which has billowed into a $700 million problem for taxpayers, Mayor Michael Bloomberg fired ...
The Prisoner of City Hall has been reading my blog and comments asking him to pay the 600 million dollars back to the taxpayers of NYC.

I am very happy he NOW understands the "ISSUE" the NYC taxpayers are "OUT" 600 Million dollars.

VJ Machiavelli

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Giddy Quinn eyeing spring nups

New York Post - Annie Karni - 
City Council Speaker Christine Quinn -- one of the city's most prominent gay leaders -- went into full wedding-planning mode yesterday, just hours after Gov. Cuomo signed into law a bill legalizing same-sex marriage. ...

Irish American Christine Quinn named New York's most powerful gay person

Irish Central - Kate Hickey - ‎Jun 25, 2011‎
New York City Council Speaker, Christine Quinn has been voted the most powerful gay person in the city. A hardworking advocate for the Irish, health care, housing and LGBT issues Quinn looks set to replace Michael Bloomberg as the Mayor of New York in ...

When Speaker Quinn ties the knott it will be the most watch "WEDDING" in the history of New York City.

Will Bloomber, "The Prisoner of City Hall" marry them ?

Who will be on the "Guest List" 

All eyes will be watching and talking about who was there and what they wore, Fashion will be a big part of this "ROYAL WEDDING"

VJ Machiavelli


Bloomberg Takes No Lumps For CityTime Scandal

New York Daily News (blog) - Celeste Katz - ‎Jun 24, 2011‎
Mayor Bloomberg today insisted most of the problem with his scandal-scarred CityTime payroll project was cost over-runs – not corruption. “The biggest expense was that they started out by underestimating the complexity and cost of the ...

Latest news, sports, business and entertainment

Newsday (subscription) - ‎Jun 24, 2011‎
By AP NEW YORK (AP) -- Mayor Michael Bloomberg says most of the $600 million in cost increases for the CityTime automated payroll project were legitimate. Prosecutors have said that almost all of the funds paid to the project's main contractor were ...

CityTime Contractor Repays Nearly $2.5M To City

NY1 - ‎Jun 24, 2011‎
A contractor accused in the CityTime scandal has made good on his promise to repay nearly $2.5 million to the city. The city's Department of Investigation said Friday that it received the money from Science Applications International Corporation, ...

What's A Few Hundred Million Dollars Wasted To Michael Bloomberg?

Gothamist - Garth Johnston - ‎Jun 24, 2011‎
Despite a massive amount of evidence to the contrary Mayor Bloomberg continues to say that the ongoing CityTime disaster—which has lost the city hundreds of millions of dollars to grift in a time of great financial uncertainty—isn't as bad as it looks. ...

Bloomberg Defends CityTime Cost Increases

WNYC (blog) - ‎Jun 24, 2011‎
By WNYC Newsroom Mayor Michael Bloomberg said most of the $600 million in cost increases for the automated payroll project CityTime were legitimate — but acknowledged there was "an unconscionable amount of fraud." Speaking during his weekly WOR radio ...

Bloomberg: Most CityTime Increase Were Legit

NBC New York - ‎Jun 24, 2011‎
The mayor's comments were his first words on the matter since prosecutors' most recent, sweeping indictment. Mayor Michael Bloomberg says most of the $600 million in cost increases for the CityTime automated payroll project were legitimate. ...

"The Prisoner of City Hall" needs to open up his check book and repay the taxpayers of NYC .

This is "HIS" Scandal, he was in charge along with his budget director Mark Page who seem to turn a blind eye to the cost that kept on going up and up and up.

Now it is time to pay the piper and write that 600 million dollar check.

VJ Machiavelli


Yes, "The Prisoner Albany" Andrew "Cesare" Cuomo is now the "King" of Gay Marriage.

He made it happen in his first six months in office, and he balanced the budget without raising taxes, passed a property tax cap, tamed the unions, and is now more powerful than "The Prisoner of City Hall" who had to watch on the sidelines.

So how does he now escape from Albany ?

Will ne be drafted to run for VP and replace Biden ?

IF the polls show "Big Brother" Obama losing will the rich and powerful Democ"RATS dump him in favor of Andrew Cesare" Cuomo. ?

He needs to escape Albany before Albany destroys him as it has to many others who harbored the Presidency.

As for "The Prisoner of City Hall" he is left to pick up the scrapes from the table, and pay back the 600 million dollars in cost overruns bad management of "CityTimeGate" his "SCANDAL"

"The gods" are pleased and little by little they are driving "The Prisoner of City Hall" MAD"

But history and "the gods" could turn on Andrew "Cesare" Cuomo and he too can end up just a foot note in the history books.

Before there was the "Oracle at Delphi" there was Count Vampire J. Machiavelli

VJ Machiavelli

    Saturday, June 11, 2011


    Rep. Weiner to take leave of absence to seek treatment

    Los Angeles Times - James Oliphant - Kathleen Hennessey -
    Anthony Weiner said Saturday that he would seek professional help in the wake of a still-raging scandal over his online sexual liaisons with at least six ...

    Congressman Weiner seeks treatment after sex scandal

    Reuters Canada - Thomas Ferraro -
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Democratic Representative Anthony Weiner defied calls on Saturday from party leaders to resign and said he would ...

    Pelosi, top Dems call on Weiner to step down

    WLS -
    Anthony Weiner continues to be caught in a political downpour following his admission that he engaged in inappropriate electronic relationships with several ...

    Cheating politicians and cheating celebrities all have a certain ... -
    Reporter Joyce Chen observes that when making their formal public apology, Anthony Weiner, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Eliot Spitzer all had similar looks on ...

    Anthony Weiner Takes Leave of Absence From Congress to Enter Treatment

    Bloomberg - James Rowley -
    New York Representative Anthony Weiner takes a leave of absence from congressional duties to seek treatment. ...

    Anthony Weiner seeks help for sexting amid pressure to quit

    The Australian -
    A woman tells Anthony Weiner she supports him as he enters a bank near his home in Queens, New York. Source: AP EMBATTLED US Representative Anthony Weiner ...

    Men and their sex scandals

    Boston Globe - Joanna Weiss -
    That's the only explanation for why US Representative Anthony Weiner, an accomplished, intelligent man, just did what might rank as one of the stupidest ...

    1. Is e-sex cheating? Many say yes

      The Desert Sun - Jocelyn Noveck -
      Anthony Weiner's stunning confessions on television this week. Weiner's predicament has launched countless discussions among couples like the Austins. ...

      Pitts: When it comes to sleaze, men rule

      Austin American-Statesman - Leonard Pitts Jr. -
      And now, Anthony Weiner, Democratic representative from New York. The thing these individuals have in common is as obvious as, well ... the erect penis in ...

      1. The Weiner Workout
        America may be tittering at Anthony Weiner, but a lot of a middle-aged guys ... Anthony Weiner may be hated by the Democratic leadership, and women may be ...

        Democrats never quit [the Arena]
 - Thomas McAdam -
        Now, segue into the embarrassing scandal of New York congressman Anthony Weiner, who steadfastly refuses to resign, despite an almost total lack of support ...

        1. Weiner to take leave of absence to seek treatment

          Sacramento Bee - James Oliphant - Kathleen Hennessey -
          Anthony Weiner said Saturday that he will seek professional help in the wake of a still-raging scandal over his online sexual liaisons with at least six ...

          Weiner Seeks Professional Help

          Forward -
          Anthony Weiner, a rising Jewish political star and a staunch supporter of Israel, went today to seek professional treatment for the behavior he admitted to ...

          1. Weinergate marks the end of the Clinton era

            Washington Examiner - Mona Charen -
            Anthony Weiner, DN.Y., has achieved something by behaving so spectacularly shamefully. Unless I miss my guess, he has revived the concept of sexual morality ...

            Timeline of events in New York Rep. Anthony Weiner's online sex ...

            Washington Post -
            Anthony Weiner, DN.Y.: Friday, May 27: Weiner uses his Twitter account to send a waist-down photograph of a man's underpants to a 21-year-old female college ...

            Weiner seeks leave of absence from House

            Forbes - David Espo -
            Anthony Weiner announced Saturday he was entering professional treatment at an undisclosed location and requested a leave of absence from Congress. ...

            The liberal "STAR" of the Democ"RATS" has fallen.

            He needs "TREATMENT" for Sextexting and Loving to much he is the Don Juan of the Democ"RATS"

            VJ Machiavelli

    Thursday, June 9, 2011


    New photo adds to pressure on Weiner to quit

    Columbus Dispatch - Kathleen Hennessey - Lisa Mascaro -
    Anthony Weiner yesterday as the fallout spread from his sexting scandal, with surprising new revelations threatening to engulf his party and his wife as ...

    1. Trump: Weiner is 'Very Disturbed' — and Dangerous - Hiram Reisner -
      Anthony Weiner “psycho” — said Wednesday the New York congressman might have “ a death wish,” and he could have been blackmailed putting America at risk. ...

      Weiner abides despite new photo, baby on the way

      Washington Times - Laurie Kellman -
      Anthony Weiner, DN.Y., and his wife, Huma Abedin, an aide to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, are pictured after a ceremonial swearing in of the ...

      1. Weiner abides despite new photo, baby on the way

        Forbes - Laurie Kellman -
        Anthony Weiner is clinging to his perch in Congress despite new efforts to pry him away and a pair of developments that might inspire others in his position ...

        The Weekly Schmooze: Anthony's Weiner

        Jerusalem Post - Lahav Harkov -
        Let's get something out of the way, right in the beginning: Weiner's Weiner. Yes, New York Congressman Anthony Weiner admitted to sending some racy pictures ..

        Jenice Armstrong: Weiner's women

        Philadelphia Inquirer - Jenice Armstrong -
        Anthony Weiner's rap must have been awfully strong to make his online flirt buddies forget that any X-rated messages they emailed or sextexted him are .

        No shaming Weiner

        Boston Herald - Michael Graham -
        Because Anthony Weiner isn't going anywhere. Despite all the texts and pics and personal humiliations, Rep. Weiner will not resign. Period. ...

        1. Littwin: "Icky" creepiness in cyberspace

          Denver Post - Mike Littwin -
          You don't get to court attention — like our man, Anthony Weiner, who never met a camera he didn't immediately love — and then demand your right to privacy. ...

          Weiner abides despite Democratic call to quit, new X-rated photo ...

          Washington Post -
          Anthony Weiner is clinging to his perch in Congress despite new efforts to pry him away ... Weiss, 40, admitted to sexting with Congressman Anthony Weiner...

          Does anything go?

          Buffalo News -
          By News Editorial Board What to do about Anthony Weiner? First of all, we're glad he's not our congressman. Ours -- our former one, anyway -- took off only ...

          Now the Dems Want Weiner Out, Too

          New York Magazine -
          House Democrats have begun a concerted effort to push embattled Anthony Weiner out of office. Earlier today, former DNC chair Tim Kaine called for Weiner's ..

          Bill Clinton Syndrome (BCS)

          American Spectator - Emmett Tyrrell, Jr -
          ... most recently Congressman Chris Lee, International Monetary Fund chieftain Dominique Strauss-Kahn, and now Congressman Anthony Weiner (pronounced, ...

          Hillary Clinton hates seeing Huma Abedin 'humiliated'

          Chicago Sun-Times - Bill Zwecker -
          Anthony Weiner, passes a note to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during a ... Anthony Weiner, the secretary of state herself was even more outraged than .

          When will they learn to behave ?


    Tuesday, June 7, 2011


    Weiner admits to lewd photo

    Concord Monitor - Jason Horowitz -
    Anthony Weiner, a Democrat from New York, admitted yesterday afternoon that he had repeatedly lied to his constituents and the country in denying that he ...

    Anthony Weiner: Jon Stewart Says Congressman's Confession Is ...

    Hollywood Reporter - Kimberly Nordyke -
    Jon Stewart isn't sure how to react to his friend Anthony Weiner's admission that he sent sexually suggestive photos to several women via the Internet. ...

    Weiner admits sexting but refuses to resign

    TVNZ -
    New York congressman Anthony Weiner wept, backtracked, and admitted he lied about extramarital online and phone sex with several young women, ...

    US congressman admits to online affairs -
    Anthony Weiner confesses to inappropriate relationships with several women, ... US RepresentativeAnthony Weiner has admitted to having a number of ..

    Tearful US congressman admits to online, phone sex

    AsiaOne -
    NEW YORK - New York congressman Anthony Weiner wept, backtracked, and admitted he lied Monday about extramarital online and phone sex with several young ...

    Democrats Shy From Weiner as GOP Seizes on Scandal

    New York Times - David M. Halbfinger - Raymond Hernandez -
    Caught in a maelstrom of his own making, Representative Anthony D. Weiner saw his support on Capitol Hill ...

    Video: Watch a desperate sociopath lie

    Pajamas Media -
    It's Anthony Weiner, of course, the part of the ABC News interview he did last week, that they didn't air at the time. They're airing it now on the web, ...

    US congressman admits lying about lewd photo

    Wall Street Journal -
    Anthony Weiner, who conceded to a "hugely regrettable" lapse in judgment. House Democratic leaders tersely expressed disappointment and embarrassment, ...

    Lawmaker says he lied

    Kansas City Star - Beth Fouhy -
    Anthony Weiner confessed Monday that he tweeted a suggestive photo of himself in his underwear to a young woman, and he also admitted to “inappropriate” ...

    What @RepWeiner Can Teach Us About Online Life

    Washington Post -
    ... we are perhaps the last online news organization to cover the tale of one fateful failed DM and New York Congressional Representative Anthony Weiner...

    Jon Stewart went easy on his pal Anthony Weiner. He was the only one.

    Entertainment Weekly - Ken Tucker -
    Anthony Weiner and beat him up verbally for admitting he lied about his Twitter gaffe. Stewart was in an awkward position, having acknowledged last week ...

    1. Weiner admits to lewd act

      Albany Times Union - Beth Fouhy -
      US Congressman Anthony Weiner, D-NY, wipes his eye during a ... Anthony Weiner confessed Monday that he tweeted a bulging-underpants photo ...

      Jon Stewart on Weiner's Confession: 'It's Killing Me'

      Gawker -
      Matt Cherette — Anthony Weiner stepped on a stage today to confess that he'd had a string of inappropriate relationships with women he'd met online and sent ...

      Weiner admits lying about lewd photo, won't quit

      Sarasota Herald-Tribune - Beth Fouhy - Andrew Miga -
      Anthony Weiner on Monday admitted sending a lewd photo of his underwear-clad crotch to a young woman over Twitter and then lying repeatedly to protect ...

      A cunning liar - or just a scared girl under pressure? Weiner's ...

      Daily Mail - Paul Bentley -
      In the days after student Gennette Cordova received the infamous picture of Anthony Weiner'scrotch, she stood by the congressman, ...

      Weiner admits lying about lewd photo, won't quit

      CBS News - Andrew Miga - Matthew Lee -
      Anthony Weiner on Monday admitted sending a lewd photo of his underwear-clad crotch to a young woman over Twitter and then lying repeatedly to protect ...

      "I didn't send the picture ..."

      Salon - Emma Mustich - 
      ... and 23 other explicit lies told by Anthony Weiner over the course of the ... Anthony Weiner, DN.Y., waits for an elevator near his office on Capitol 

      Rep. Anthony Weiner admits tweeting lewd photo, and more

      Los Angeles Times - Robin Abcarian - Tina Susman -
      Anthony Weiner (DN.Y.) leaves a news conference after admitting he sent a woman a lewd photo of himself via Twitter and then lying about it. ...

      Opposites in Many Ways, but Seemingly Melded Well

      New York Times - Ashley Parker - 
      When Bill Clinton officiated at the Gatsbyesque wedding of Representative Anthony D. Weiner and Huma Abedin at Oheka Castle on Long Island ...

      From Gary Hart to Bill Clinton to John Edwards one more LIAR joins the "GANG of Democ"RATS"

      VJ Machiaavelli